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What is Bicicletorama?

Bicicletorama is multiplayer racing game that aims to use the contrast between virtual and real, mobile and static in order to present the existing conflicts between automobiles and bicycles that exists in the big city.

Each player uses a real bicycle as a controller for a virtual one that is projected in the board. Objects dropped in the projected area of the game become obstacles in the racing track that the cyclists must avoid.

The main goal of this game is to create a discussion space about the use of bicycles as a transport in big cities. It aims not only to approach the issue in a creative and fresh way but also to create the means for new sollutions to emerge.

All project development steps were documented and presented online while they were happening, so supporters and collaborators could follow it up.

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Our background

We've approach the game's design as a reference to old arcade games. This lead us to use pixel art for the graphics that responds in real time to the players interactions with the bicycles.

The brand and visual identity were designed through an experimental process where many collaborators participated. Our process happened through the web and every step was visible for anyone interested.

Esse processo aberto foi necessário para viabilizar a capitação de recursos na compra das bicicletas, suportes e equipamentos tecnológicos que conseguimos graças ao site de crowdfunding Catarse. Nosso projeto teve o apoio de R$ 5.830,00 que foram doados por mais de 100 pessoas. Criamos uma campanha no facebook bem humorada que viralizou na internet com um conteúdo original, trazendo as pessoas para o site do Catarse, e também levantou a discussão sobre o transporte urbano.